Raw Force (1982)

There are no guilty pleasures, and yet there is a certain amount of sleazy, joyful guilt I got from watching Raw Force, aka Kung Fu Cannibals.  I imagine it's the same sort of sleazy, guilty joy writer/director Edward Murphy (not that Edward Murphy but imagine if it was...) got as he made the film.  Take... Continue Reading →

David Bowie: Lodger (1979)

"I am a DJ, I am what I play" A fitting line to kick this thing off, coming from David Bowie's "D.J.," kicking off side B of Lodger, the third in the misnomer that is Bowie's "Berlin Trilogy" (the album was actually recorded in Switzerland and New York).  Over the past two weeks I'd come... Continue Reading →

Introductions: Why This? Why Now?

I've been asking myself that question too, lately. Over the last year or so covering metal for the good folks at Nine Circles I started to think about not only why I was choosing the albums I decided to write about, but why I was choosing the albums I was listening to in my spare time.... Continue Reading →

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