Tag (2015)

Sometimes a director's vision strikes you in such a way you'll follow them even if the direction they're moving in feels a little, well...off.  Such is the case with Sion Sono, whose Love Exposure was a giddy, surreal ride with a central conceit so insane I was instantly hooked.  Working in the same absurdist realm... Continue Reading →

El Dorado (1966)

When it's below zero and the hot water heater's busted, all you want in life is a warm blanket, a reasonable estimate from a plumber, and a comfort movie to hold you over until you can feel the sweet hot soapy suds again.  This was the situation I found myself in today watching El Dorado,... Continue Reading →

Raw Force (1982)

There are no guilty pleasures, and yet there is a certain amount of sleazy, joyful guilt I got from watching Raw Force, aka Kung Fu Cannibals.  I imagine it's the same sort of sleazy, guilty joy writer/director Edward Murphy (not that Edward Murphy but imagine if it was...) got as he made the film.  Take... Continue Reading →

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