John Anealio: The Summer EP (2013)

Short but sweet.  The reason why John and I have been Facebook friends for so many years is something I'll never remember, although I *think* it had to do with a science fiction book review site I used to write for.  Regardless, once I became acquainted with John I discovered his one-man DIY rock/pop confections,... Continue Reading →

Iron Reagan: Demo 2012 (2012)

By the time of 2017's Crossover Ministry Iron Reagan lost a lot of lustre for me.  By then I had devoured crossover thrash from my youth and the intervening years that the music hit all the beats but missed all the crucial elements that made the band such a vital voice, leaving the band to... Continue Reading →

Satanic Threat: In To Hell (2013)

I realize I'm not the only who loved Minor Threat, but one of the things that was so amazing about their music was that discovering it felt so personal, like it didn't matter how many people told you about it; when you first heard something like "Filler" (my first Minor Threat song) or "Out of... Continue Reading →

Cormorant: Dwellings (2011)

I think I came across Cormorant and Dwellings in particular during my search for anything that sounded remotely like Opeth.  I probably saw the comparison made in an old issue of Decibel (though they're far from the only ones who made that comparison) and stumbled across the Bandcamp link during a search.   A completely... Continue Reading →

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