Small Steps In The Rain

So...that "break" was a little longer than I anticipated. The process of getting back on track - not so much for this blog but for my life and health has been a bit of a struggle, so as I try to find that balance again to keep everything on an upward trajectory I want to... Continue Reading →

Stranded Below Update: Took a break to go on vacation (saw a giraffe) and think a little bit about the format for the content. There's a lot I want to talk about, so new stuff coming this week!

Introductions: Why This? Why Now?

I've been asking myself that question too, lately. Over the last year or so covering metal for the good folks at Nine Circles I started to think about not only why I was choosing the albums I decided to write about, but why I was choosing the albums I was listening to in my spare time.... Continue Reading →

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