False: Untitled (2012)

I wasn't prepared the first time I heard False.  The mysterious Minnesota sextet's debut EP is two 12-minute tracks of churning, propulsive USBM and it bounced off my brain when I first gave it a listen.  I don't think I tried more than twice before leaving it to sit unplayed in my iTunes library.  Then... Continue Reading →

Ghostlimb: Infrastructure (2011)

This is what I know:  Ghostlimb's Infrastructure was the first album I bought on Bandcamp. I was probably drawn by the connection to Graf Orlock, who share in Justin Smith a common member, but the music pulses with an angry hardcore energy that is in direct opposition to the film reference-laden grindcore Graf Orlock was... Continue Reading →

Brandon Sanderson: Oathbringer

There was a time, a long time, where I didn't read any fantasy.  It was my lifeblood as a kid, reading and re-reading Tolkien, Terry Brooks's Shanara series, and dozens upon dozens of careful perusals through my tattered copies of my Dungeons & Dragons tombs.  I used to take colored pencils so I could bring... Continue Reading →

Pillärs: Abandoned (2018) – for 9C

Over at Nine Circles I fall hard for the crust-punk hardcore doom charge of Cleveland, Ohio trio Pillärs.  Debut full-length Abandoned is a righteous voice rising above the tumultuous thrum of 2018, with lyrics that touch on everything from loss to spiritualism and faith, but never loses sight of the fact it has to first... Continue Reading →

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