She’s Still Dead: Immortal, Eternal (2011)

Crossover thrash with a serious hard-on for horror?  Check.  I think I found out about New Orleans’ She’s Still Dead in an old issue of Decibel Magazine, and after discovering the album cheap on Bandcamp took the plunge.  Musically this reminds me of a rough and shredded attack similar to what bands like Bonded By Blood were doing, although where there they were hitting hard on the Exodus influence, She’s Still Dead is hitting much more of a punk vibe.

Produced by Jay Younger from White Zombie, Immortal, Eternal has some solid chops, even if the mix feel a bit rough and one dimensional.  Listening to “Hands of the Ripper” there’s a great momentum that hints at Misfits mixed with D.R.I. and some serious bay area thrash.  Song titles are a hoot, too: you have”No Coffin Could Ever Hold Me” and “Evil Needs Candy, Too” which begs the question of who was denying Evil candy in the first place.  Solos are plentiful and sweet, courtesy of Taylor Suarez and there’s a real bite to the tracks.

Funded entirely by Kickstarter after suffering from Hurricane Katrina, Immortal, Eternal has a fun DIY vibe that didn’t garner a lot of replays for me, but listening back now I can see where the attraction was – the horrific border on ridiculous lyrics coupled with the punk vibe stands out.  I did a quick check of their follow-up EP Keeper of the Witch and it hews the same line with a more robust production.  Definite fun to be had if you’re into the whole horror thing.  I am.


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